Every January, Thousands of Brits start their New year’s resolutions to join the gym for that body, health and mind regime. The state of an individual’s physical fitness and exercise has been linked directly to Mental Health and the world is becoming more aware of it’s implications and the need for physical and mental wellbeing.

According to statistics throughout the UK, 50% of the 5.7million Annual gym memberships are cancelled with 47% of those finishing due to, not having the time, not getting the results they wanted, exploring new technologies and medical technologies as alternatives to working out.

That’s where Cosmetics surgeries have seen an increase in volume of certain treatments and their ability to transform the body into the individuals desired result.

EA Clinic’s treatments in Vaser Lipo, tummy tucks, arm and buttock lifts along with the healthy side of IV & infusion shots are on the rise and seen throughout the Plastic surgery industry.

Whilst Social media trends and celebrities in the spotlight continue to be ever more, let’s say flamboyant and extravagant in every aspect of life, body image is still being perceived and valued by a high percentage of the public to boost self-confidence. Everyone likes to look good and with Self-confidence and assurance, mental health and state of mind inevitably create a chain reaction of certain elements of the body such as endorphins and blood cells improving.

At EA Clinic we help create the image that is envisioned by the client to support their desired body results, benefiting and supporting their personal and mental health.