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The desire to look and feeling thinner, better and more beautiful is something that many of us desire. Whether you’re a man or woman, you’ve probably looked in the mirror a time or two and thought about the changes you’d like to see on your body. However, surgical procedures aren’t for everyone. They require a significant amount of downtime and healing, and can leave you feeling pretty rough for a couple days post procedure. The good news is that this doesn’t mean that you have to be left standing in front of that very mirror, wishing for change. You deserve to have an option out there that is viable for you, which is why Aqualyx is quickly becoming a highly sought after fat removal treatment. So, if you’ve been looking for a solution that will permanently get rid of that belly fat as soon as possible without any incisions or recovery time, you’ve come to the right place.

What is Aqualyx?

This exciting new technology is quickly taking over the industry, offering a non-surgical and healthy option to reduce fat within various areas in your body. It was developed by Dr. Motolese and is a safe, approved product that only qualified doctors are prescribed to conduct. Without making any incisions, the Aqualyx procedure reduces the subcutaneous adipose tissue. This is all done with a gel-based aqueous solution (a natural solution) that is injected into the area. As a result, the fat dissolves and the body then expels the fatty acids naturally. Ultimately, the solution also disappears, as it is both biocompatible and biodegradable. Aqualyx also targets localized fat, which is often really hard to get off regardless of a healthy diet and regular exercise. So, not only can it reduce obvious fatty areas, but it can also eliminate the stubborn fat for good. The best part is that you only need a couple of sessions as well.

Benefits of Aqualyx Treatments

As mentioned, the treatment is injected into the fatty tissue. What sets this treatment apart from many of the others is that it has a wide range of different benefits. A local anesthetic is mixed into the solution before injection for optimal comfort. So, it is painless or mildly uncomfortable. The Aqualyx treatments are also more efficient than other popular options. Of course, it is a non-invasive treatment, which is a huge pro for many people, and very few sessions are needed. You could get only one if you wanted but 3 to 6 sessions are recommended for thorough results and are generally spaced out over several weeks. More treatments may be required to treat those stubborn fatty areas. More importantly, they are safe and CE registered and you can get back to your day-to-day activities right away. So you go in for your treatments, reduce that fat in a non surgical manner and get right back to your regular life. It’s a win-win. That’s also not to mention one of the best benefits altogether. The results of Aqualyx are permanent, as long as you continue to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

You may feel a slight burning sensation, itching or some tenderness, but these usually disappear fairly quickly. You may also experience some redness and swelling and maybe even some bruising a few days after the procedure, but they too will go away in a couple of days.

What Areas Of The Body Can Be Treated?

Aqualyx treatments for fat reduction can be used on almost all body parts such facial areas, love handles, thighs, knees and so much more. Some of the most popular areas that people choose to get treated with Aqualyx include the upper limbs, back folds, belly, loins, inner and outer thighs, inside of the knee, butt, as well as the jowl and chin area. However, Aqualyx treatments are not limited solely to these areas and speaking with a highly trained professional will be able to discuss the viable options for the areas you wish to reduce fat.

Who Is The Aqualyx Injectable Fat Treatment For?

Aqualyx treatments are not for everyone, and won’t provide impeccable results for just anyone either. For maximum results, clients should be within a stones-throw of their recommended body weight in order to have the treatment work fully. Since it pinches approximately 3 cm of fat, this would be difficult to do in patients that have an excessive amount of fat in the area being treated. However, if you are interested in this form of fat reduction, do speak to a doctor to see if this is a viable option for your shape and size, or if there is a better one out there for you.

With no downtime, no incisions, no stitches only mild discomfort and permanent results, you really can’t go wrong with Aqualyx treatments. As long as you continue to eat healthy and exercise regularly, the fat reduction results will stay. It is important to also note that the Aqualyx is not a weight loss solution, and is only a contouring treatment that can reshape your body, making it tighter and more toned.

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