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Buttock Lift


Excess skin, sagging buttocks from aging, heredity factors, or dramatic weight loss can be considerably improved with a buttock lift. A buttock lift treatment gives more contoured and toned bottoms and hips by removing excess fat and skin from the area.

By tightening and lifting the skin over the buttocks, this surgery may make the buttocks appear less saggy, dimpled or wrinkled. A buttock lift surgery gives visible results almost immediately after the procedure, but it may take several months to achieve the final look. A buttock lift does not make your existing buttocks more voluminous and shaped, but it may make your buttock area look sleeker and more toned.

The Procedure

Buttock lift surgery is generally performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. At the start, the surgeon makes incisions on the side of the thigh and buttocks in strategic areas, followed by removing excess fat and skin. Next, the skin is then tightened and sutured in layers. Before the surgery, the patients can consult the surgeon about the best places to hide their incisions.


Is a Buttock Lift the right choice?

Good candidates for buttock lift are:

  • Individuals with loose, sagging skin or excess fat in the buttock area
  • Individuals who have recently experienced massive weight loss and are close to their ideal weight
  • If the excess skin and fat cause mobility or related problems

Recovery from Buttock Lift

After the surgery, a sterile dressing is applied in the area and you will need to wear a compression garment or elastic girdle for six weeks to tightly hold the skin in place to ease out the swelling and help in the natural tightening of the skin. Your surgeon will advise you about the recovery process and when you will able to return to your normal level of activity and work. Generally it is recommended that you keep away from work for two to four weeks and do not drive for two weeks and also avoid physical exercise until advised.

As a follow-up procedure, your wounds will be checked two weeks post-surgery. Your surgeon will see you after 6 weeks for a follow-up assessment, and also as required until you have fully recovered. Always make sure to attend any post-operative appointments for a quicker recovery.


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