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Breast Enlargement (Augmentation)


Women have been opting for breast enlargement procedures or augmentation for all reasons from aesthetic to medical. Augmentation is opted to bring a change in the shape, size or texture of the breasts. There are cases where women feel that their breasts are not in proportion with the rest of their body and hence opt for augmentation. Some of the aesthetic causes for considering a breast enlargement surgery could include underdeveloped breast tissues, loss of breast tissues due to weight loss, breastfeeding etc. Other than these the medical reasons behind considering a breast enlargement surgery includes correction of congenital defects of the breasts or chest wall or post-mammoplasty breast reconstruction.


The Procedure

The surgical implantation of the breast implant begins with the application of anesthesia intravenously to the patient after which an incision is made in inconspicuous areas for minimum scarring. The incision could be made in areas like the armpit, around the nipples or under the breast depending on the patient’s condition and the type of implant. Next is the placement of the silicone breast implant above or below chest muscles. The breast enlargement take one-two hours to complete and can be done on outpatient basis as well.


Is Breast Enlargement the right choice?

Various benefits that considering a breast enlargement surgery could bring include –

  • Proportionate breasts with respect to the body
  • Prevent breast sagging in future due to weight changes, aging or pregnancy
  • The changes made to the breasts are long lasting and effective
  • Provide a boost to the self-confidence of the individual

Recovery from Breast Enlargement surgery

In order to recover well after a breast enlargement surgery, the patient must not take up any heavy exercise or lift weights until the doctor advises it safe. Some light exercises as advised by the surgeon may still come of help. For better support the patient is required to carry a breast band which is to worn above the breasts rather than across them. However, the surgical may only be removed after a period of 7-10 days from the surgery and the patient may also be advised to make visits for regular check-ups. The patient must not wear tight undergarments and should opt for cotton bras for better comfort. Some massaging might help with the pain and also soften the breasts.

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