Skin Peels

Skin peels will improve both the appearance and the health of your complexion. Whether you want to treat a specific area or all over your face; arms, hands and neck.

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The benefit of a skin peel is that it gives a fresh radiance to the skin with no recovery down time and is excellent for sun damaged, aging or pigmented skin.

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Advantages of Skin Peels


Skin peels are an accelerated form of exfoliation induced by chemical products. The skin rejuvenation works by removing the top layers of old, dead skin to reveal the fresh, younger, healthy skin underneath.

There are many types of skin peels available of varying strengths. These range from superficial ones that will allow you to return to normal daily activities immediately to deeper skin peels that require a few days off work. We will tailor the choice of peel to your individual needs and skin conditions.

Skin Peels Procedure


Discover the different skin peel treatments

Filorga glycolic skin peels are available in 30% and 50% strengths in our clinics, and are recommended as a course of peels with increasing strengths. They are not painful and there is no down time, and your skin does not necessarily need preparation for the treatment.

There are two types of peels in the Obagi range and these differ in strength. The The Obagi Blue Radiance is the lighter of the two and requires no preparation. It is recommended that you have a course of 3 peels, 3 weeks apart. The benefit of this peel is that it gives a fresh radiance to the skin with no recovery down time, where you may place your makeup on and return to normal activity immediately after the peel.

The deeper Standard Obagi Blue Peel however uses Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) as the active ingredient mixed with Obagi’s patented Blue Base. This is strong one-off peel with a down time of five to seven days and the skin needs to be prepared for at least 6 weeks prior to treatment. Be warned you are likely to leave the clinic post treatment with a green to blue tinge to your skin that lasts for a few days. This is excellent for sun damaged, aging or pigmented skin.



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Skin Peels Aftercare


All the skin peels are performed in the clinic. With all the peels your skin will first be thoroughly cleansed, and then the practitioner will carefully apply the chemical solution and perform the peel. The whole procedure typically lasts 30-45 minutes. Before you go home you will be given post-procedure instructions.

After the glycolic peel and the blue peel radiance you may experience mild redness and occasional swelling, but very little visible peeling or flaking.

After a strong Obagi Blue Peel your skin is likely to be a little red and slightly swollen during the first 24 hours. It will be dry and feel tight but should not be painful. The skin will peel between three to five days later, and must be left to come off at its own pace. Make-up may be applied over the new skin as soon as it has healed.


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They are not suitable if you have a suntan or if you are going to continue having excessive sun exposure.

Our practitioners will advise you on your home care programme. Depending on the peel type, there may be no skin preparation to 6 weeks of it beforehand.

Your current skin condition, skin thickness and area of treatment will determine this. Usually a series of 3-6 light peels and usually only one of the stronger peels is needed.

With superficial peels you will have a mild facial redness, minimal swelling and very little visible peeling. Make-up can be worn straight away and you can return to normal activity. After a deeper peel you will have a more intense redness, flaking and peeling which will last 3-5 days depending on the depth of the peel.

You will be provided with a gentle cleanser for use until your skin has peeled.

Scarring or pigmentation may occur if the skin is picked off before it is ready to come off. If you are prone to cold sores they can be activated by skin peels but the may be prevented by the use of anti-viral medication before the treatment. Increased pigmentation may occur on rare occasions if the skin is not properly prepared with the home care programme, although this resolves over time and can be largely prevented by use of a sunscreen for the first three months.

Exposure to intense sunlight must be avoided for 6 weeks post treatment and a Spf50 sunscreen should be applied daily.

Skin peels courses may be repeated after 3 months, but this is not usually necessary unless it is part of an extended treatment plan. They may be repeated at any time in the future.


The focused ultrasound stimulates collagen production producing a tightening and lifting effect over time. No surgery or cutting is required. the surface of the skin remains intact.

Usually around 60-80 days.

The changes will never be as dramatic as surgery but as a non surgical technique it delivers a noticeable natural change.

No, you may return back to normal activities the next day

There is temporary discomfort but nothing more.

Usually between 12-18 months.



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Decreases lines and wrinkles

Improves skin clarity

Increase collagen formation

Improve acne & scars

Improve skin tone

Remove sun or age spots