Skin- Minor Surgery- Lumps and bumps

Many people have lumps or bumps on the surface of their skin, within or under the skin layers these can be easily resolved with a quick local anaesthetic procedure with minimal fuss.

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Skin- Minor Surgery- Lumps and bumps

Because of their specific nature, skin lumps, such as breast lumps, melanoma and hernias, need to be diagnosed by a doctor who will determine how to proceed with treating them in the most effective way possible. At your consultation the mole or skin lump will be carefully examined by one of our doctors. At the consultation you should inform the us if there is any recent change in colour, size, surface and shape of the lesions.

1. 45-60mins
2. Local anaesthesia
3. Day procedure
4. Minimal discomfort
5. Definitive procedure

Skin- Minor Surgery- Lumps and bumps Procedure

Most procedures in the is section are performed under local anaesthesia as a day procedure. You may if you wish request IV sedation, which an anaesthetist will perform for you. The usual procedure time is anywhere between 30-90 minutes. Once the procedure is over we will place a dressing on the site and take you to the private discharge lounge.

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Dr Anthony completed his advanced training in Aesthetic Medicine in 2009 and has been practicing in the field of aesthetic cosmetic procedures since. He has attended European workshops with some of the most famous surgeons in the world.

Dr Anthony has an interest in aesthetics and he prides himself on being able to use his artistic eye, surgical skill and honest approach to help you create a beautiful but natural appearance. He believes in spending time with you to understand your personality and needs in order to achieve your aesthetic goals.


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Dr Edwin Anthony Director | Founder

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Skin- Minor Surgery- Lumps and bumps Aftercare

Once the procedure is over. We will advice you as to any specific aftercare and which pain relief you should use, usually simple over the counter analgesia. We will give you our emergency contact details if you are concerned about anything. As standard we will follow you up at 1 week and 6 weeks.

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Below is a simple checklist that you can follow to determine whether your skin lump or bump needs medical attention:

  • Does it hurt or cause pain when touched?
  • Has it changed in shape, size or colour?
  • Is it a new lump or collection of skin lumps?

Wart removal surgery takes 30 minutes

Once the local anaesthesia is administered there should be no pain.

The procedure involves using a scalpel to remove the mole. This small superficial wound which is then sutured and a dressing applied. You will be given advice on how to care for the area post treatment. You will be scheduled to come back for stitches removal and a wound check free of charge.

You can resume normal activities straight away in most cases and a dressing is applied to keep the wound clean for a few days. Antibiotic cream will be prescribed to apply at the wounds until wound heal or stiches are removed.


All moles are sent to a laboratory for histology test after the removal. This is the analysis which is done at a specialised laboratory using a high-powered microscope to detect any abnormal cells. Although most moles can look normal to the naked eye, occasionally early abnormal cells can be lower in the skin, which could cause skin cancer – hence the need to send for analysis.

They result from a virus (human papillomavirus) and may be spread by skin to skin contact with a person who has a wart.  Often they are spread by picking existing warts and touching other areas.


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