Scalp Micropigmentation

This treatment helps you create a natural appearance of hair fullness. Micro pigmentation is suitable for partial or complete hair loss will simulate of micro hairs.

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Lasts 1 to 3 years


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SMP is an aesthetic tattoo technique that reproduces the appearance of hair follicles. SMP is commonly used to treat thinning hair, baldness, alopecia and scars. For males if you choose to crop your hair short scalp will appear ‘shaved’. For females it will give the appearance of fullness/ density of hair where the scalp was previously visible. We use high technology equipment that produces consists high quality results. The treatment is non-surgical, immediate and has minimal scaring.

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No, it is suitable and is likely to help both males and females.

There is placement of micropigmentation, that are minute particles synthetic iron oxide colour pigment, The pigment is placed approximately millimetre below the skin’s surface using a hand-piece and singe use sterile disposable needle.

The time is dependent on how much hair loss you have and how extensive it is. Small areas take 1 hour and larger areas more than this.

No, we use a topical anaesthetic before treatment to make it as comfortable as possible. It usually feels like someone is scratching your scalp.

SMP is semi-permanent and should last between 1 to 3 years.

We have a fully trained Aesthetic tattooist and Level 4 therapist who undertakes the treatment in the clinic area of the clinic in a clean and sterile environment.

SMP treatments vary from £600 to £3000.


  • “The experience at the EA Clinic was outstanding. I’m so pleased to chosen and trust them. My deepest thanks to all the team on EA Clinic and especially to Dr. Anthony and Sister Gill, they are amazing.”

    Sérgio Guerra
  • “My experience at the EA Clinic was outstanding and amazing.Dr. Edwin Antony is very experienced and knows what he is doing. I had a very positive experience and he is very friendly, caring and honest. The care and understanding shown is immeasurable.”

    Latha Galaguli
  • “I recently had a FUE hair transplant carried out at the EA clinic and the results are fantastic. The procedure lasted a good part of the day but time just flew by. Dr Anthony and sister Gillian were an amazing team.”

    John Hall
  • “I am so overwhelmed with the whole experience, from the beginning I was reassured about each part of my procedure.
    After care, Telephone calls, home care, everything was explained step by step, it’s like your own personal doctor on call 24/7. The care and understanding shown is immeasurable. For any skin treatments I would so highly recommend Edwin Antony and Gillian, a fantastic team.”

    Lorraine Forman