Revision Surgery

Following a breast augmentation or reduction, revision surgery may be necessary due to skin, shape, scarring or implant age.

General Anaesthetic

Overnight Procedure

Moderate Discomfort

Shape & Symmetry

More Confidence

0% Finance

There are different reasons for why a woman would want a revision surgery. Nonetheless, it should not be taken lightly and time should be spent with your surgeon to make the right decisions and have the correct expectations. Usually 2-3 consultations with your surgeon take place just to make sure you fully understand the surgery, the potential complications and the outcomes.

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Those with unrealistically high expectations

The price depends on the extent of the surgery involved and this can only be decided after a face to face consultation.

This depends on the extent of the surgery. Most of the time we do recommend at least one night’s stay.

We recommend at least 2 weeks off.

At least 6 weeks before the procedure date.