Nipple Surgery

Large nipples or areola area may cause you distress or an inverted nipple may cause you discomfort. Do not worry as nipple issues are common, however, they may be corrected quick easily as usually as a day procedure under local anaesthesia only.

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This is when the nipple itself protrudes and can be longer or wider than normal or uneven in shape.  If there is a problem with the tissue surrounding the nipple then areola reduction surgery would be required, or possibly, in the case of men, gynecomastia (excess fatty tissue under the nipple which requires a male breast reduction). If you have enlarged, or wide areolas you may feel very conscious of them as they don’t fit with the shape of your breasts.  The ideal diameter of the areola on a woman of average height is 4.7cm; however, this varies and should look in proportion to your size.

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  1. Areolar/Nipple size reduction
  2. Inverted nipple correction
  3. Female nipple lift
  4. Male nipple lift
  5. Male Gynaecomastia repair.
  6. Nipple reconstruction

Yes, the procedures are local anesthetic day treatments.