Highly Focused Ultrasound (HiFU) uses the effectiveness of ultrasound to lift the brow, cheeks, chin, neck arms and chest. Ultrasound is an established safe and effective treatment proven in clinical studies with more than 500,000 treatments worldwide.

Younger Looking Skin

Non Surgical

Tropical Enaesthesia


Quick - 60 mins

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HiFU has become an extremely popular nonsurgical option for skin tightening. It represents a real alternative to surgery for the patients with the right expectations and skin condition. When performed correctly by trained hands it is only mildly uncomfortable but delivers excellent result for a procedure that does not require any cutting or needles. It is the perfect treatment for the needle phobic patient who wants tangible results.

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The focused ultrasound stimulates collagen production producing a tighting and lifting effect over time. No surgery or cutting is required. the surface of the skin.

Usually around 90 days.

No, you may return back to normal activities the next day.

The changes will never be as dramatic as surgery but as a non surgical technique it delivers a noticeable natural change.