Mesotherapy (Vitamin Microinjections) 

Mesotherapy is a specialised technique that places tiny amounts of medical grade pharmaceuticals, vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the upper and middle skin layers.

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Mesotherapy for skin

This method is recognised within aesthetic medicine as it is an effective non-surgical technique for skin rejuvenation and the treatment of skin conditions both on the face and body. Topical creams cannot deliver the biological active ingredients into the skin cells and activate skin metabolism as effectively as mesotherapy. Once optimum results are achieved maintenance treatments are advised to maintain the desired effect.
 30-45mins
 Safe
 Progressive and very effective
 Alternative to other more invasive treatments
 Little or no post-treatment down time

Mesotherapy Procedure

The skin is cleaned with a cleaning solution and then the mesotherapy solution is placed in a syringe and micro-injections are used to place it into the skin superficially. The whole procedure takes less than 30 minutes and then you will be able to leave.

Mesotherapy Prices


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Mesotherapy Aftercare

EA Clinic offers bespoke patent care journeys to meet the personal requirements of every client. Providing an exceptional all in one package, so you can be sure your care is taken care of from the moment you sit down with us.

We will usually massage the product before you leave and check to see eveness. To reduce the swelling you can use some ice wrapped in a damp cloth. Arnica cream can help reduce any swelling or bruising that you may have.

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Born in London and trained in Medicine and Surgery in the prestigious Trinity College Dublin and qualified in 1999.

Dr Anthony performs FUE hair transplants using the latest in follicle transplant technology to give you the best results. He completed his advanced training in Aesthetic Medicine in 2009 and has been practicing in the field of aesthetic cosmetic procedures since. He performs FUE hair transplantation and has attended European workshops with some of the most famous hair surgeons in the world and is an associate member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

His patients travel from the UK and as far afield as Asia, Africa and the Middle East to be treated by him. Dr Anthony has an interest in aesthetics and he prides himself on being able to use his artistic eye, surgical skill and honest approach to help you create a beautiful but natural appearance. He believes in spending time with you to understand your personality and needs in order to achieve your aesthetic goals.


Associate Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)
TOTAL DEFINER registered by Dr Alfredo Hoyos in in 4D Vaser
Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
General Medical Council

Dr Edwin Anthony Director | Founder

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Mesotherapy is performed by injecting CE Marked active ingredients under the skin with a very tiny special mesotherapy needle containing medical grade pharmaceuticals, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

1. Face/Neck/Decolettage rejuvenation.
2. Rejuvenation for sun damaged skin, smoker’s skin, aging skin
3. Skin tightening
4. Problematic skin – treatment of acne, comedones, hyperpigmentation, open pores
5. Localised fat
6. Cellulite

The treatment requires no down time which enables most people to return to their normal activities straight away. However, avoidance of swimming pools for 2 weeks is advised.

The speed of the results depends on the extent of the condition or area being treated.


The treatment is straight forward. At EA Clinic, we use very fine needles to place small amounts of Multivitamins and hyaluronic acid beneath the surface of the skin. The treatment generally takes 30 minutes, depending on the area treated and is generally not painful. Quite often an anaesthetic cream is applied prior to treatment. Most people will return to work soon after this procedure.

Each treatment takes around 30 minutes.

Yes it may help with the following:
• Weak, thinning hair
• Alopecia








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