Medical Therapies

There are four types of treatments – Mesotherapy, PrP, Low Level Laser Therapy LLLT and Hair removal. Enquire for more information.

Treats Hairloss

Treats Presence of Dandruff

Treats Hair Breakage

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Micro-injections are used to place it into dermis of the scalp near hair roots. This treats symptoms of various male and female scalp and hair problems. The mesotherapy will help hair loss through scalp rehydration reduction in dandruff and hair breakage.

PrP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

The RegenLab BCT system is used for the majority of PrP Scalp therapy but there patients who request The Angel System from Cytomedix which is currently the most expensive and the “Rolls Royce” of PrP systems. This system delivers reproducible results through high and specifiable platelet quotas. It is fast and produces PRP in less than 20 minutes.


LLLT is proven clinically to prevent hair loss progression and to stimulate regrowth of thinning hair. The comb and caps use safe, low level lasers to energise hair follicles and encourage new, thicker, healthier natural hair growth.

Hair Removal

We use the Soprano XL by Alma lasers. It uses an In-motion technique that reduces discomfort during the treatment. It provides minimal discomfort and reliable laser hair removal and long-term hair reduction on all skin types.

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Previous history of cancer, in particular skin cancer
Pregnant indiviudals
Those taking photosensitive medication /St John’s Wort or blood thinners
Sun or sun bed tanning less than 6 weeks before the treatment
Cold Sore in treatment area
Keloid scar sufferers
Very fragile or dry skin

To allow the laser head to glide across the skin.

The laser tip is placed in contact with the skin and the laser is fired as the head is moved across the skin.

It has minimal discomfort. Sensitive areas with darker skin may be a little sensitive cases but the cooling head helps reduce discomfort.

Some individuals experience redness immediately after treatment and rarely some small blisters as can occur from excessive sun exposure can occur. Most patients experience no side effects and the skin reactions usually subside within hours or a few days.

The area to be treated should be shaved prior to arriving at the clinic. Long hairs will take up the energy and prevent all of it reaching the hair follicle and thus a less effective treatment with a higher possibility of blistering.

Hair should be trimmed just before treatment for maximum transfer of the energy. Plucking and bleaching should not be performed.

Avoid epilation and waxing 4 weeks before treatment.

Only hair in the growth phase are responsive to lasering. Hair number in this phase varies from 10% -70% dependant on the body site as does the lengths of the growth cycles. The majority of patients without hormonal imbalance have up to eight treatments to remove all hairs on the body. Darker skins and lighter hairs require more than the average number of treatments to achieve a good result.

Facial hair may require more treatments.