IV Infusions & Shots

EA Clinic’s vitamin cocktails can be directly fed to your bloodstream, via an intra-venous drip. This method tends to increase the absorption rate of the nutrients to about 90%. These treatments are popular amongst celebrities, executives and business owners, helping cure hangovers, give the skin a health boost, increase the immunity, increase energy levels, or even boosting your libido.

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Instant Health Boost

Increase Energy Levels

Cure Hangovers

Assist Your Body in Fighting Disease

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The importance of vitamins in our daily diet cannot be ignored. However, even a daily intake of vitamins takes it through our digestive tract, where only about 50% of the nutrients are actually absorbed by the body. Recently however, there has been a significant development in the delivery of vitamins to our bodies. Through IV vitamin infusions, one can choose out of a wide range of vitamin cocktails that have a variety of effects, including curing hangovers, giving the skin a health boost, increasing the immunity, increasing energy levels, or even giving your libido a boost.

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These infusions have minimal discomfort and take about 20 – 30 minutes.

You can choose from a range of options, each with a different combination of vitamins, depending on your reason behind getting the infusion.

These vitamin cocktails can then directly be fed to your bloodstream, via an intra-venous drip.

You can drink decaffeinated drinks. We will usually offer some water or herbal teas.