Breast Enlargement (Augmentation)

Breast Augmentation, more commonly known as “Boob Job or Breast Implants” changes the shape, size and appearance of the breast. EA Clinic’s surgical procedure supports correction of asymmetries, breast size and shape.

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Restore Volume

Improve Symmetry

Boost Confidence

Improve Body Image

Correct Congenital Deformities

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EA Clinic’s cutting edge breast enlargement procedure enables patients to change the appearance size and shape of their breasts. Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure, using an addition of implants to help get the individual’s desired results. Our range of tailored options help restore lost volume, uplift, asymmetries and enhancements.

Women who are considering breast enlargement often feel that their bodies are out of proportion, either from a lack of development of breast tissue, or having lost breast tissue following weight loss or breastfeeding. This may result in a lack of self-confidence or low self esteem, as well as restricting their choices of clothing. Implants or fat grafting are the choice methods.

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Your reason for Breast Enlargement may simply be to have larger breasts. However, other common
reasons include:
1. Improve symmetry
2. Feel more feminine and attractive
3. Restore volume to the breast following pregnancy, breast feeding or weight loss
4. Correct congenital deformities
5. Add volume to breasts that did not develop fully following puberty
6. Boost confidence and improve body image

A breast augmentation can increase breast size and may improve shape and enhance breast symmetry.
Should I have a breast implant or fat grafting?
Fat grafting to the breast suits individuals who just want to add a small amount of volume to the breast to fill their bra better or a 1 cup change.

There is no evidence of any interference with the ability to breast feed

Yes, but please note that should you need to undergo breast cancer screening (mammogram), inform the person performing the screening that an implant is in place.

Following breast enlargement surgery you will need to keep your breasts well supported. You are likely to be required to wear a breast band. The breast band needs to be worn above the breast on the chest (not across the breast). It should be firm but not tight. We recommend you wear a stretchy, non-underwired cotton bra. Your dressings will be removed approximately 7-10 days after your surgery and your wound checked. The surgeon who performed your surgery will see you after 6 weeks for a followup assessment and if necessary you will be advised to massage the breasts to soften them. You will be seen as often as required until you are fully recovered. It is vital that you attend all necessary post-operative appointments. It is recommended that you take two weeks off work and avoid physical exercise for six weeks. Return to exercise gradually.


  • “The experience at the EA Clinic was outstanding. I’m so pleased to chosen and trust them. My deepest thanks to all the team on EA Clinic and especially to Dr. Anthony and Sister Gill, they are amazing.”

    Sérgio Guerra
  • “My experience at the EA Clinic was outstanding and amazing.Dr. Edwin Antony is very experienced and knows what he is doing. I had a very positive experience and he is very friendly, caring and honest. The care and understanding shown is immeasurable.”

    Latha Galaguli
  • “I recently had a FUE hair transplant carried out at the EA clinic and the results are fantastic. The procedure lasted a good part of the day but time just flew by. Dr Anthony and sister Gillian were an amazing team.”

    John Hall
  • “I am so overwhelmed with the whole experience, from the beginning I was reassured about each part of my procedure.
    After care, Telephone calls, home care, everything was explained step by step, it’s like your own personal doctor on call 24/7. The care and understanding shown is immeasurable. For any skin treatments I would so highly recommend Edwin Antony and Gillian, a fantastic team.”

    Lorraine Forman