Body Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a safe and long-lasting procedure that produces natural results and can give you the body and appearance you have desired without having to opt for silicone parts.

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 It is a safe and long-lasting procedure that produces natural results and can give you the body and appearance you have desired without man made implants.

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Body Fat Grafting and its benefits


Fat grafting is also known as fat transfer or fat injections and is the procedure in which fat from areas in your body in which you have plentiful or excess amounts, such as the inner knees, outer thighs, stomach and back are transferred to areas that are lacking in volume, such as your breasts, hips, hands, face or buttocks. It is a safe and long-lasting procedure that produces natural results and can give you the body and appearance you have desired without man made implants.


Various Uses of Fat Grafting


There are many incredible uses for fat grafting and some of the most common ones include:
• To smooth facial areas that appear creased or sunken.
• To improve dark eye circle where the eyes are sunken
• To provide more permanent correction than temporary fillers.
• To improve body contour, rejuvenate hands and faces, revise scars and fill body depressions.
• To reconstruct the breasts or hide obvious signs of breast implants.


Advantages of Fat Grafting


The top advantages of receiving a fat grafting procedure are as follows, but speaking with our doctors will provide you with more information that is tailored to your individual circumstances:
• Use of your own body fat instead of dermal fillers.
• Provide natural looking results.
• Minimally invasive procedure.

Fat grafts are always weight dependent, and as long as there is no significant weight loss post the augmentation, the results will remain permanently.

Advantages of Fat Grafting treatable areas

Body Fat Grafting Procedure


Diluted local anaesthetic is infused into the area for fat harvesting. The fat is then harvested using liposuction 3mm or less. Once the fat has been obtained it will then be injected into the site of interest in lots of little lines under the skin.


Body Fat Grafting Aftercare


Home the same day to rest. Sitting on a soft cushion is advised. Antibiotics for 5 days. Followup appointments: Next day, Day 7, Week 6



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There is a significant change in trend where the buttocks are involved. Previously many have wanted smaller buttocks but now there is a larger movement to bigger more rounded buttocks. Whilst this trend does exist there is no denying that throughout these changes the more element that has remained consistent and that is the majority of people have always wanted more youthful, perfect buttocks rather than flat and saggy ones.

Buttock augmentation, also known as the Brazilian Butt Lift always involves the liposuction of the lower back and waist and usually the abdomen. The harvested fat is then transferred to both buttocks to produce a rounded and enhanced bottom.

Advantages of Fat Grafting:

  • Fat transfer is minimally invasive.
  • Does not necessarily require a general anaesthesia.
  • Results are natural looking.

Hand rejuvenation is quickly growing in popularity as fat grafting to your hands has the ability to add volume back into the appearance making tendons and bones less obvious while also hiding unsightly veins. Typically with this procedure, a small amount of fat is removed under local anaesthesia and inserted into the back of your hand.

Advantages of Hands Fat Grafting:

  • Typically there is no visible scarring.
  • Minimal swelling and possible bruising post procedure.
  • Minimal down time.
  • Procedure takes approximately 90 minutes.
  • Results appear instantly with more realistic impressions showing anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks.

3 x Faster than pharmaceuticals

No pills or cream

Quick & Effective

80% average acne clear

No downtime needed

Replenishes skin