Lumenis Ultrapulse is a one of its kind skin rejuvenation system that has seen a rapid rise in popularity for the superior results it delivers. The system works on a new technology that penetrates deeper into the skin, deeper than most other CO2 laser systems. This makes the technique more powerful and safer. The treatment allows several combinations of settings that enable doctors to customize each treatment to go with what perfectly suits the patients’ requirements. Whether it be for reducing the appearance of acne scars, fix specific concerns, tackle complex lesions or an overall rejuvenation, Lumenis Ultrapulse can be the one-stop solution.
The Mode of Treatment

The treatment is done using the machine called Lumenis Ultrapulse which uses an ablative CO2 laser. It’s a versatile device that can be used for virtually any surgical laser treatment. The device delivers high-power pulses of coherent light for specified short durations of time, maximizing the treatment effectiveness while also taking the safety and comfort of patients into consideration. The short timed laser also minimizes treatment downtime and the risk of any side effects.
As we mentioned before, the treatment can cure and prevent a wide range of conditions from those superficially surfaced to deep lesions. So, the tailored treatment is definitely a huge plus that makes Lumenis Ultrapulse a go-to procedure for most of us who have skin problems.
The Procedure

Now that we know the kind of lasers involved in the procedure, the specifics depend on the type of skin condition that is being treated. Speak with your doctor at EA Clinic and he will provide you with detailed procedure information. However, generally ablative CO2 laser generates beams of light that is aimed on the target skin area. This light is then absorbed by your tissue in the form of energy, which naturally heals the area by replacing it with new healthy tissues. The CO2 laser has a second function as well, which includes a side of Lumenis Ultrapulse that is absorbed by the water under your tissues, resulting in heating up of the area so that subsequently the body can then naturally repair it. Essentially, Lumenis Ultrapulse combines two incredible light and laser technologies into one device.
There are a number of pre-set parameters that determine the effectiveness of Lumenis Ultrapulse system on your skin. These in general include:
• ActiveFX
• DeepFX
• TotalFX
Problems Covered
As specified before, Lumenis Ultrapulse can treat a wide range of skin issues and speaking with a Doctor can help you make the best choice to see if your specific needs can be met with this procedure. However, following is a list of common skin problems that can be treated with this system:
Scar revision
Acne scarring
Skin resurfacing
Reducing fine lines/ wrinkles
Skin tone correction
Rosacea skin
However, there are many more so this is definitely something you’ll want to look into if your condition hasn’t been mentioned.
The Results
No matter if you target a specific problem area; all the procedures can completely rejuvenate and revive your skin. Therefore, we recommend a full face treatment over a targeted zone, which may be of a greater value to your skin. You’ll find your skin texture to be smoother and softer in feel, prior to the treatment, while lines and wrinkles on the face, neck and the upper chest will dramatically reduce. Depending on the reason you have had laser skin resurfacing treatment, your problem areas will have vanished, leaving you with fresh feeling and even skin.
You no more need to feel insecure and conscious about your scars, complexion or imperfections; with Lumenis Ultrapulse you can have customized treatments that help you fulfill your desires. You’ll love your skin and have an abundance of self-confidence filled in you because when you look good, you feel good! Speak with a specialist at the EA Clinic today and find out the incredible options available for your skin issues. We’ll help you achieve a naturally rejuvenated appearance like you’ve had never before.
1. What Makes Lumenis Ultrapulse more preferred?
Lumenis Ultrapulse CO2 laser is a unique device, almost new in the industry. First, the fact that it enables customization of the treatments keeps this treatment above all preferences. The settings can be tailored to closely match the patient’s desires and cater to different skin imperfections. So, it doesn’t require the patients to undergo an aggressive treatment to achieve visible results. Moreover, they also do not have to opt for several smaller treatments to fix more than one skin concern.
Secondly, this treatment is much more comfortable than many similar skin rejuvenation systems. Thirdly, it is completely safe. Since the technology uses advanced and trusted machines, there are significantly less chances of experiencing any kinds of side effects. The light treatment uses short bursts of energy to make sure that the skin doesn’t burn or damage. Rather, it encourages natural healing among the skin tissues, producing superior natural results.
2. Which skin types benefit the most from the Ultrapulse CO2 Laser?
Fitzpatrick 1-4 (Pale- Mediterranean skin types) are typically benefitted from this treatment.
3. Is the treatment safe?
All treatments carried under this system are completely safe. However, the more aggressive the treatment options, the more swelling and redness can occur.
4. How many sessions will I need?
Most patients see good results in just 1 session with a Total FX treatment. Active FX treatments, on the other hand, usually take up to 3 or 4 sessions to show visible results.
5. Who must go for an Active FX?
Active FX is used to treat mild complexion issues. Most practitioners guide the laser over the whole face to reduce the appearance of superficial lines and sunspots.
6. Who must go for a Deep FX?
Deep FX is commonly famous to treat wrinkles, flat scars, acne scars and deep lesions on the skin.
7. Who must go for a Total FX?
Total FX is the most popular treatment, combining the effects of both Active FX and Deep FX. Meaning, it can be used to treat both mild and aggressive concerns. This is an excellent option for those who have several skin imperfections and would want to get them treated all at once instead of having several different treatments for each.
8. Who must go for a SCAAR FX?
SCAARFX is an aggressive CO2 laser resurfacing that is ideal for people with thick raised scars.
9. Do these treatments hurt?
Not really. The treatment feels like a series of brief pinches on the skin. In addition, to make the patient comfortable, an anesthetic cream will be applied before treatment and no pre-treatment is required.
10. What is the downtime for each of the treatment options?
The downtime depends on the intensity and type of treatment, but generally doesn’t last more than a few weeks.
Active FX takes between 5-8 days.
Deep FX takes approximately 7-10 days.
Total FX takes between 10-12 days.
Scaar FX takes approximately 14-16 days.

11. How soon are the results visible?
An Active FX treatment ideally shows results in 3-4 days, after the top layer of skin completely peels off revealing the new healthy skin underneath. Extensive procedures like the Deep FX or Total FX may take a little longer.
12. Are there any side effects of the treatment?
The skin looks as though it has been sunburned just after the treatment. This goes off as the new layer starts to show up and you’ll have new skin within 3-4 days.