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Waist/Hips 4D Vaser lipo

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4D Vaser lipo

4D Vaser lipo, a marked area of expertise at EA Clinic, is a simple surgical technique that is used to improve the contour of your body, by the removal of any excess fat from deposits located between the muscles and the skin. A small stainless steel tube, called a cannula, is used in 4D Vaser lipo. This cannula is inserted into the fat through some small incisions. The cannula is connected to a powerful suction that accomplishes the fat removal.


Waist and Hip 4D Vaser lipo

Of the 4D Vaser lipo procedures, waist and hip 4D Vaser lipo is the most commonly performed procedure, owing to the fact that these areas are the most prominent areas and also consist of spots where fat accumulates, mainly because of genetic reasons. Generally, even after a strict diet and exercise regime, burning fat from this area is rather tricky. In fact, with significant weight loss, the hips and waist may still retain a loose appearance.


The Methods

Like most cosmetic procedures, 4D Vaser lipo for the hips and the waist is most commonly performed with Tumescent 4D Vaser lipo, which is accomplished through local anesthesia, small incisions, and a brief recovery period. Other techniques that are also appropriate include laser 4D Vaser lipo and radio frequency assisted 4D Vaser lipo. The suggestion for the most appropriate and suitable choice of method, of course, rests with the surgeon.



The hips and waist 4D Vaser lipo provides removal of unwanted fat deposits as well as a smoother and more toned skin. Determine your goals before the procedure so you don’t have any unrealistic expectations from it. For that, the seasoned and competent surgeons at EA clinic can provide you with counseling before you opt for the procedure, taking you through the steps, and informing you of what you can expect, and what you must do after the procedure. With the wide experience of EA clinic’s doctors, state-of-the-art equipment, and a holistic knowledge of the 4D Vaser lipo procedures, be absolutely confident to achieve the results you’ve signed up for.

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