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Velashape 3


VelaShape is the name of a non-surgical technique used to obtain tight and smooth skin by reducing cellulite. This treatment is known to bring into use three components for effective results, namely – Infrared radiation, Bi-polar radio frequency, and Mechanical vacuum massage. One major reason behind the use of this treatment is its effectiveness in enhancing the appearance and making the person look younger.
Working on areas like thighs, buttocks, necks, arms, abdomen, sides and so on, VelaShape treatment contours the body however, it must not be confused for a weight loss treatment. The technology combines the three components in the VelaShape device to heat up the fat cells and thus lead to their shrinkage. In this procedure, a vacuum is massaged over the targeted area wherein the heat helps with the fat reduction while the mechanical rollers smoothen out the skin. The patient can feel some tugging of the skin along with a warming sensation as the procedure unfolds.
Stimulation of new collagen and elastin as a result of heating of the fat cells, surrounding connective and underlying dermal collagen fibers leads to reduced body volume, laxity and improvement in skin texture.
Anyone with a Body Mass Index of less than 30, falling under the Nurnberger-Muller Cellulite Classification Stage 1 and 2 will be an ideal patient for this treatment. It takes something in between half an hour to an hour for the procedure to get completed.
Side-effects – Though no such pain or discomfort is involved in the VelaShape procedure, at most a patient might experience some redness, selling or slight bruising in the area treated. These side-effects are not long-lasting and subside quickly in a matter of time.
Care – The patient must take a nutritious diet and exercise regularly to avoid cellulite accumulation. However, since the treatment does not give permanent results, the patient could need further treatments in the future.


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