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Plastic Surgery


Confidence is key in surviving the topsy-turvy world of today, and the trick behind exuding this confidence is to first feel comfortable in your own body. The time is gone when you had to make do with what you had been handed; for with the technological advancements that have taken place in the field of science and beauty, you can choose to reform any part of your body that displeases you. With the aim to provide optimum patient satisfaction, EA Clinic follows a personal approach to provide exemplary services to our patients. Our services include:

Facial Reforms:

MACS Face lifts – A safe, short procedure that can be performed on outpatient basis. Offers long lasting results and a natural looking effect.

Mini Facelifts – A simple solution for the results of a traditional facelift, done in lesser time, and lesser costs.

Eye Reforms:

Upper Blepharoplasties – Remove or tighten sagging eyelids for a smoother and tauter appearance. Upper Blepharoplasties can also be used to alter the shape of the eye.

Lower Blepharoplasties – This surgery can be performed to improve your eyelid contour by the addition or removal of under eye fat, as required.

Body Shaping:

Thigh lifts – Reduces the appearance of cellulite and excess fat, improving the contour and appearance of your thighs

Arm lifts – Helps tighten loose and sagging skin under your upper arms

Tummy tucks – Tummy tucks or Abdominoplasty helps in removing excess skin and fat around the stomach and tightens the abdominal wall

Mini tummy tuck – Similar to a traditional tummy tuck, the mini tummy tuck involves a smaller incision and a more limited tightening of the muscles

Fat grafting – Fat is harvested from a part of the body where it is unwanted and transferred or grafted to the area where it can add volume

Traditional liposuction – A procedure that can improve body contour, by removing stubborn fat that has been resistant to exercise and diet

Breast augmentations – Increases or restores breast volume through implants of fat transfers

Breast reductions – Involves removal of excess fat, tissue, and skin, resulting in smaller, perkier breasts

Breast mastopexy – This procedure restores the shape and volume of breasts without resorting to the use of implants or fat transfers

Complex scar revision

The treatment of any aesthetically unappealing scar may be slightly challenging, but it is not without a number of options including:

  • Steroid treatment
  • Surgical scar revision
  • Laser skin resurfacing


What is plastic surgery?

Plastic Surgery is a branch of a surgical specialty. In this category, plastic surgeons try to mold and give
shape to the tissues, refining the features of body parts that are targeted.

Is plastic surgery painful?

During the procedure, you will not feel much pain. There might be some discomfort or pain during the
recovery time, but that is short term and can easily be controlled with medications.

What is the difference between reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgeries?

If plastic surgery is performed to improve a person’s health or organ function, it is considered as a
reconstructive surgery. Surgeries like rhinoplasty, to improve air flow through the nose, or eyelid surgery
to improve vision fall under this category. These surgeries may or may not improve the appearance of a
person, but that in any case is not the primary objective.

When a surgery is performed with the primary objective to improve the appearance of patient, this type
falls under the category of cosmetic plastic surgery.

Is there visible scarring?

At any time when a cut or an incision is made in the skin, a scar will form in the healing process. But, plastic surgeons are specially trained and have a lot of experience in minimizing the size of the scars, as well as locating them in less conspicuous areas.

How long is the recovery period?

The recovery period for any type of plastic surgery varies with each patient and from procedure to procedure. Some procedures do not require a lot of downtime, however, most procedures require about 1 – 2 weeks for recovery.

What are the risks associated with plastic surgery?

Like any other surgery, plastic surgery also carries a risks like bleeding, infection, etc. For more details, please refer to the specific surgery information, or consult a qualified surgeon.

Can plastic surgery make me look like a celebrity?

No. Plastic surgery can help you achieve some impressive results as long as you keep some realistic expectations and goals. The primary focus of any plastic surgery is to ‘refine’ the appearance of a patient, not to change it completely.

What is the solution for sagging facial skin and wrinkles?

Sagging of the skin can be treated with a face lift, which is a major procedure. Wrinkles on the other hand can be treated non-surgically with Botox, Lasering or chemical peels.

What is the right age to get my nose fixed?

Rhinoplasty or a nose shaping surgery can be performed safely after the age of eighteen years. The most common age where people opt for this procedure is between 20 and 40 years. However, this surgery can be performed on anyone from the age of 15 years to 75 years.

What are the most common types of body shaping surgeries?

The most common body shaping plastic surgeries that people opt for are:

  • Thigh lifts
  • Arm lifts
  • Tummy tucks
  • Mini tummy tucks
  • Fat grafting
  • Traditional liposuction
  • Breast augmentations
  • Breast reductions
  • Breast mastopexy

Is plastic surgery covered under medical insurance?

Not usually, however, if plastic surgery is performed for medical reasons, some insurance companies may cover the procedure. Please check with your insurer.

Would breast implants interfere with pregnancy?

Mostly, breast implants are soft silicone implants, which are non-reactive materials. Breast implants will not harm or cause risk to a normal pregnancy in any way.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Plastic surgery
Patient Details:
Age: 25
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 146 lbs.
Procedure: Rhinosplasty
After Photos taken: 8 months post-op
Plastic surgery

Patient Details:
Age: 42
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 107 lbs.
Procedure: Nasolabial Folds
After Photos taken: 12 months post-op

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