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Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction Surgery for Breast Enlargement

Many men who have enlarged breast choose to get cosmetic surgery to have a more desired look. Often this condition may cause a man to have a lowered self-esteem. Correcting this is simple with the election of a male breast reduction surgery. Here at EA Clinic our expert surgeons have extensive experience in this type of surgery. We can help answer all your questions when you schedule a free consultation with one of lead doctors.

Gynecomastia, Liposuction & Excision for Breast Tissue

Male breast development in commonly referred to as gynecomastia. You will be surprised to know that about 40 to 60 percent of men experience enlargement of the breast tissue. But no matter what the cause or how common this condition is, men suffering from breast enlargement are often embarrassed of their appearance. They often choose to avoid situations such as going to the beach, changing in a public change room, or swimming. To overcome this situation the patient can undergo male breast reduction plastic surgery. This cosmetic surgery procedure can make the breast tissue look normal by reversing the changes associated with male breast enlargement.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure

Male breast reduction surgery is a surgical correction cosmetic surgery procedure meant for over developed or enlarged breasts in men. This plastic surgery procedure is also called gynecomastia. In a majority of male breast enlargement cases there is usually no known cause. However certain medical condition and drugs can be associated with the condition.

Male breast reduction surgery helps in improving the contour of the chest by removing breast tissues and associated soft tissues that contribute to the enlarged appearance. This is accomplished by:

  • Removal of glandular breast tissue (gynecomastia)
  • Getting rid of fatty tissues of the breast (lipomastia)
  • Eliminating of stretched excess skin, if required
  • Reduce the nipple areolar

Eligibility for Male Breast Reduction Surgery

As long as they are healthy, men of all ages can undergo a male breast reduction surgery. Men who have fairly good skin elasticity will surely see the best results. Even teenage boys can benefit from this cosmetic surgery procedure. However, they may eventually have to undergo a second surgery in the future if the breast enlargement persists or recurs. Men whose condition has not been corrected through alternate medical treatment are also eligible candidates for the plastic surgery procedure. Further, even men whose breast enlargement has stabilized make the cut.

Remember that use of alcohol, marijuana, steroids and other specific drugs can cause gynecomastia. You will be asked to stop using these drugs and habits before the cosmetic surgery procedure to see if the condition subsides.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Cosmetic Surgery Treatment Options

The breast consists of two main components namely the glandular tissue, which is firm and dense and fatty tissues, which is soft. The ratio of these tissues differs from one patient to another. It is also possible that in individuals with gynecomastia there can be too much of both types of tissue.

Based on the ratio of glandular and fatty tissues, the following treatment options for male breast reduction surgery can be administered:

  • Liposuction: Liposuction as a treatment option is suitable for men who have too many fatty tissues. Liposuction is used to suck this soft tissue out. In this treatment option a 3mm to 4mm incision is made through which a small tube is inserted.
  • Excision: This treatment option is suitable for men who have too many glandular tissues. In excision the excess tissue is cut out with a scalpel. This plastic surgery procedure usually leaves a scar usually around the edge of the nipple. If a major reduction in tissue and skin is required, our cosmetic surgeon may then have to make a larger incision that will result in a bigger scar.

If in a patient, both types of breast tissue are in excess, our plastic surgeon then may recommend both excision in combination with liposuction.

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