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Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Part #2

Many men who suffer from male breast enlargement choose to get male breast reduction surgery. While this may be embarrassing for some this condition is actually common. Correcting this is simple with the election of a male breast reduction surgery. Here at EA Clinic our expert surgeons have extensive experience in this type of cosmetic surgery. We can help answer all your questions when you schedule a free consultation with one of lead doctors at our clinic on Harley Street in London.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Plastic Surgery Procedure

A male breast reduction surgery/plastic surgery procedure is performed as follows:

  • A patient undergoing a breast reduction cosmetic surgery procedure is first administered with a general anesthetic.

  • Our plastic surgeon may then makes an incision around the nipple (areola).

  • Liposuction may then be used to suck out excess fatty soft tissues and excision may be used to cut out excess glandular tissues.

  • If a lot of tissue is to be removed, cuts may extend down the chest from the areola, and the nipples may need to be repositioned. The entire cosmetic surgery takes about 60 to 90 minutes to complete.

  • Post the plastic surgery the patient will have to stay in the hospital overnight. They will also be asked to avoid lifting or performing any strenuous physical exercise for up to six weeks after the surgery.

  • For a few weeks after the surgery, the patient would need to wear an elastic garment day and night in order to get good results.

Risks for Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Every kind of cosmetic surgery carries certain risks. Male breast reduction surgery though relatively safe still does carry some degree of risk and the same includes:

  • Allergic reaction to suture material, tape, glues or any injections

  • Risks associated with anesthetics

  • Excessive bleeding, blood clots and infection

  • Asymmetry of the breast

  • Irregularity in the contour and shape of the breast

  • Change in nipples or breast sensation can be experienced. This can be either temporary or permanent.

  • Possible damages to deeper structures such as nerves, muscles, blood vessels and lungs. This can be either temporary or permanent.

  • Complications related to deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary

  • Possibility of fat necrosis, a condition where the fatty tissues found in the breast dies

  • Accumulation of fluids

  • Pain

  • Poor healing of the wound and excessive scarring

If you or someone you know is considering male breast reduction we can help. We can answer all your questions about this cosmetic procedure. You can book your free cosmetic surgery consultation by calling us or filling out the form above.

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