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Liposuction – Cosmetic Surgery

Liposuction: Cosmetic Surgery for Fat Removal

All About Liposuction

Are you considering getting liposuction in the UK? We have a variety of options for liposuction. We can answer all your questions when you meet with our leading plastic surgeon in our Harley Street London Clinic. Just call us or fill out the form to get all your questions answered.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction or fat modeling is a type of cosmetic surgery for the removal of unwanted or unnecessary fat from the body. This technique was first practically performed by a French scientist, Charles Dufarier. Though he failed in his this attempt, through passage of time and advancement of technology, liposuction has gained a lot of popularity. Now, it has been made safer, easier and less painful. When getting liposuction make sure the procedure is performed only in hospitals or licensed surgical centres. At EA Clinic on Harley Street in London we see many patients who make the choice to go for liposuction. We have many happy patients who have had their confidence increased after selecting liposuction.

Reasons for Liposuction Surgery

In this fast-forwarding generation, an individual can’t wait to shed unnecessary fat through the lengthy process of exercising and healthy eating. The major reason for liposuction is to have a perfect body contour. This could be either to boast self-confidence or self-esteem, or to acquire a better body image of oneself.

Reason for Liposuction Surgery #1: Quick Results

You can see amazing results of liposuction right away after your cosmetic procedure. Even if you work out and eat healthy you still may find some fat zones that are hard to get rid of. Liposuction becomes the perfect solution to reduce or eliminate those fat deposits. Often after having liposuction patient find more motivation to eat healthy and exercise than before.

Reasons for Liposuction Surgery #2: Fat Removal In Tricky Areas

Sometimes the reason for liposuction surgery is not just to have an ideal body shape. There are parts in our body where fat cannot be removed through exercises or diet. Get rid of excess build up of fat with liposuction. You can reshape your body the way you want it.

Reasons for Liposuction Surgery #3: Health Benefits

But now it has been proved that liposuction not only improves our appearance but also provides health benefits.

Due to the ability to reduce weight and removal of excess fat from the body a person’s body mass ratio is also reduced. The decrease in the body mass ratio keeps down one’s blood pressure, save us from bone joint and back aches and also minimizes the probability risks of heart diseases and strokes. Often when a patient elects for liposuction they find that they are able to have more confidence and a better outlook on themselves. This increases the positive mental health of the individual.

So what are you waiting for? Liposuction is easier than ever before. You can shape your body the way you want and get long lasting results when you combine liposuction with a healthy lifestyle. At EA Clinic we can provide you with the best quality care for your liposuction procedure. We are located on Harley Street in London. Contact us for a free consultation or fill out the form and one of specialists will get in contact with you.

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