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IV Vitamin Infusions


The importance of vitamins in our daily diet cannot be ignored. However, even a daily intake of vitamins takes it through our digestive tract, where only about 50% of the nutrients are actually absorbed by the body. Recently however, there has been a significant development in the delivery of vitamins to our bodies. Through IV vitamin infusions, one can choose out of a wide range of vitamin cocktails that have a variety of effects, including curing hangovers, giving the skin a health boost, increasing the immunity, increasing energy levels, or even giving your libido a boost. These vitamin cocktails can then directly be fed to your bloodstream, via an intra-venous drip. This method tends to increase the absorption rate of the nutrients to about 90%.

A number of celebrities like Rihanna and Madonna have already embraced IV infusion treatments for both cosmetic and health purposes. One of the most exciting features of these vitamin cocktails is that they can also assist the body in coping with various diseases.

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IV Vitamin Infusions at EA Clinic

EA Clinic aims to provide optimum satisfaction to all their patients. Following a personal approach, the clinic strives to provide the most exemplary services to all the patients. For an IV infusion, the vitamins are added to a solution that contains the same concentration of salt as your blood, in order to aid the absorption. These infusions are relatively painless and take about 20 – 30 minutes. You can choose from a range of options, each with a different combination of vitamins, depending on your reason behind getting the infusion.

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