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Hair Micrografting

Hair Micrografting: FUE Hair Transplant & Loss Treatment

Hair micrografting is indeed a remarkable achievement in hair loss and hair transplant treatment. It was developed in the early 1980s and since then it has been hugely successful. Prior to such techniques, hair transplant surgeons would take out huge sections of grafts from a donor area that left scars and other complications. Such days are gone now and with the recent advancements made in the field of hair transplant surgery, you have safer options now.

Hair micrografting is a hair loss treatment procedure applicable on both males and females. These days modern hair restoration involves highly evolved hair-grafting techniques. The most common forms of hair micrografting are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). In addition, there are various procedures available for hair loss treatment. The treatment procedures vary based on the unique conditions of the patients. The cost of hair loss treatment depends on various factors that includes the amount of hair micrografting that needs to be done.

The main goal of a hair transplant procedure is to relocate follicles from the donor area and transplant them to an area that needs hair transplantation. Modern hair micrografting techniques involve relocating very small group of follicles. Generally hair follicles are taken from the permanent hair zone at the back and side of the head and inserted to the areas where baldness treatment is required. If you are looking for hair micrografting methods and procedures, make sure that you go through the online reviews.

At EA Clinic we have the highly trained FUE hair transplant surgeons in London. Dr. Edwin Anthony is our leading surgeon on FUE Hair Transplant procedures. We offer both surgical and non-surgical procedures for hair loss treatment and hair restoration. It is essential that you know the various benefits, risks and side effects of such procedures. We provide you with hair micrografting services at the best prices and costs in UK. Continue reading this article to know more about hair micrografting and hair transplantation.

Eligibility for Hair Loss Treatment

Modern hair loss treatment procedures have made hair transplants easier to perform. These days, hair transplants look natural due to the advanced technologies available to the surgeons. The following are the general requirements for undergoing such procedures:

  • Candidates undergoing hair micrografting procedure should have adequate amount of hair on the donor area of the scalp. Mostly, hair is taken from the sides of the scalp and grafted on regions that need hair restoring. For men, in most cases they lose hair on the forehead or on the top of their head.

  • Hair micrografting is generally done after the 20’s in men. The best-suited men for such procedures are of 40 years of age or more. The unpredictable nature of hair loss in patients under 30 years makes it difficult to apply such procedures on them.

  • It is very important that a person is in good health before going for hair transplant procedures. If a patient is suffering from a particular form of allergy, it might pose threats to the procedure.

  • A patient should have realistic expectations from the hair micrografting procedure. The biggest problem that plastic surgeons often face is meeting the expectations of patients. Know that the hair regrowth takes time and it’s a slow and gradual process.

At EA Clinic we can help answer all your questions about a FUE hair transplant. We have a highly trained FUE hair transplant surgeon. Our clinic is located on Harley Street in London. You can request a free consultation and talk to a hair transplant specialist right away. We know that choosing cosmetic surgery can be a difficult decision that is why we do everything we can to help make you feel at ease through the whole process.

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