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FUE Hair Transplants

Hair Transplant: Follicular Unit Extractions (FUE)

This is the harvesting of individual hair grafts from the donor area. A circular punch is made in the skin around the upper part of the follicle from the back of the scalp. The location of the donor area lies in the permanent hair zone. It is gently extracted from the scalp and a small hole remains for a few days. The hair follicle is then positioned into the destination area.

What are the benefits of FUE hair transplant?

  • No linear scar
  • FUE is reasonably pain free
  • Rapid recovery
  • Professionals, sportsmen and those who need to return back to busy or active jobs prefer this method

What is the advantage of an FUE over FUT (Follicular unit transplantation)?

  • No linear scar in the donor area
  • Good for very short hair styles
  • Shorter healing time in the donor area
  • Less post-op discomfort in the donor area
  • Ease of finer hair harvesting from the nape of the neck
  • For use at the hairline or the eyebrows
  • Younger patients
  • Provides an alternative when the scalp is too tight for a strip excision
  • No limitations on strenuous exercise after the procedure
  • Very muscular, athletic patients
  • Those with very tight or very loose scalps
  • Useful for repairing donor scars that cannot be excised
  • Enables one to harvest finer hair from the nape of the neck
  • For use at the hairline or the eyebrows
Hair Loss


Our HT staff are composed of dedicated assistants who are hand picked and personally trained by Dr Edwin Anthony, ensuring that each patient’s grafts are handled with the utmost care to guaranteeing that each patient achieves the best results. We ensure continuing professional growth by regular attendance at World renowned workshops and ISHRS meetings.

The uFUE method (Unshaven)

The hair in the area to be removed is shaved immediately prior to your surgery, a long, thin band in smaller procedures and the entire back and sides of the scalp in large sessions. Hair is taken from the same donor area at the back of the scalp but shall be extracted such that existing hair will disguise the area of extraction. Discretion is the added advantage here. This technique is for those who want to return to a normal routine quickly and to disguise the signs of extraction. It is a time consuming technique and only suitable for small sessions of hair restoration surgery up to 600 FUE’s. You will be advised whether or not you will be suitable for this method and if not, discuss further preferable options.

What happens during the FUE hair transplant procedure?

Step 1 – Procedure Planning

day begins by meeting with your Hair transplant Surgeon to discuss your specific goals and the plan for your procedure. This involves a detailed breakdown of the zones that will be restored towards achieving your desired look. We will go through your hair design again and mark the scalp and allow you to comment on the design whilst looking in a mirror.

Photos will be taken. Usually your hair will be trimmed.

You will lie on your front whilst the extraction occurs and will have a comfortable head rest and a breathing hole so that you can maintain a relaxed position. Selected hair follicles will be harvested using a circular punches. The follicular units are gently separated from the scalp and removed. Once the grafts are extracted, The donor area is covered with a dressing that may be removed the next day.

Step 2 – Local Anaesthesia & Donor Hair Harvesting

The next step in your procedure is the extraction of the donor hair. This is a key step that distinguishes the revolutionary Follicular unit hair transplant procedure from the out-dated FUT hair transplant.

Unlike the FUT procedure, which involves cutting a strip from the donor area to harvest the grafts, the Follicular unit hair transplant method requires no such strip removal, as follicular units are removed individually from the donor area. This results in a significantly shorter healing time and minimizes any pain. As well, there is no linear scar along the donor area as is characteristic with the FUT procedure.

Step 3 – Preparation the Recipient Site

After all the grafts have been harvested from your donor area, we move on to the step of preparing the recipient sites – that is, the areas that will be receiving the new hair.

Your HT Surgeon will prepare each graft site by making tiny incisions where the follicular units will be inserted with follicular unit hair transplant.

We position each follicle to ensure a natural hair flow. The strategic positioning of hair to match each patient’s individual, natural growth pattern is a key factor in achieving a truly undetectable result of FUE hair transplant.

Step 4 – Placement of the Grafts

The recipient sites are completed. Then under the direct supervision of the HT Surgeon, our Hair transplant team start placing each graft, one by one, into the donor sites.

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