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Hair Micrografting

FUE Hair Transplant & Loss Treatment: Hair Micrografting

Are you considering getting a hair transplant? Have you been dealing with hair loss and are looking at the best treatment options to help give you back your hair? At EA Clinic we specialise in FUE hair transplants. We can help answer all your questions. Fill out one of our forms or call us to speak with one of our surgeons, Dr. Edwin Anthony who specialises in FUE hair transplants.

Benefits, Risks & Side Effects of Hair Transplants

Improvement in techniques and technologies, have made FUE hair transplants a safe, reliable and aesthetically pleasing procedure. When you have your consultation with our hair transplant surgeon, such issues would be discussed in details. You can make an informed decision after understanding the benefits, risks and potential side effects of hair transplants. The following are the benefits of hair transplants:

  • There is a significant improvement in the appearance of an individual. People have a hair transplant procedures because it helps return them to a more youthful appearance, replaces traction hair loss, frames a face differently or replaces gaps of missing hair. This has a positive effect on the psyche of a person. No doubt, premature hair loss can make you look much older than what you actually are.

  • The improvement in your appearance can increase your self-esteem. The ability to regain your youthfulness bring about many psychological changes that can be beneficial to an individual in many ways. People generally try to keep a check on looking old and hair transplants help you achieve that.

  • The modern hair grafting techniques are very well implemented. Hair from the donor area is effectively transplanted to the area where the transplantation is required.

  • The procedure is usually performed as a single day event. The procedure involves single follicular units grafting them individually. The process involves no cuts and is a safe method. You get natural and satisfactory results in a relatively short time. Patients undergoing hair transplantation can head home the same day.

Apart from the various benefits, there are a number of risks and potential hair transplant problems involved as well. One of the most common experienced complications is the feeling of numbness on the donor or recipient area. The lack of sensation is temporary and it usually improves within two to three months of the hair transplant surgery.

Apart from that, there are other complications that might arise such as skin infection, skin injury and rashes. Approximately after a day, the patient might experience the formation of small scabs. This is normal and they shed away in approximately 7 to 10 days after the FUE procedure.

The procedure might take more than one session depending on the amount of hair transplant required. It takes a bit of time for hair restoration and baldness cure and you should have realistic expectations on the period of hair regrowth. Time intensive procedure ensures better results. If the grouping of hair follicles is done in small units, the implants are better. Modern hair transplants and micrografting ensures natural looking hair.

Once the hair transplantation is done, it takes round about 5-7 days for the hair to fall out. Within a couple of weeks, you will experience hair regrowth on the areas where the procedure was carried out. Most of the patients experience a good amount of hair regrowth within the year from the procedure. Our hair transplant surgeon might suggest certain hair restoration drugs.

At EA Clinic, we have highly trained hair transplant surgeons for minimal touch FUE hair transplants using FUETOR technology. You can avail free consultation from our hair transplant nurse and surgeon by simply filling out the form that we have in our website. So if you are looking for a hair transplant at with good before and after care, friendly service and competitive rates, why look any further?

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