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Eyelid lift

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Eyelid tightening using plasma (or an electronically generated electrical discharge) arcing is the new frontier in aesthetics.Plasma arc skin tightening has applications on both upper and lower eyelid and is a good alternative to surgery for mild sagging/droopy eyelid skin. The eyelid tightening is done by using electrical plasma discharged from a small portable handpiece. The procedure is very easy, extensively tried and tested.
The practitioner applies a numbing product on the eyelids. This is left between 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the product used.

Tiny bursts of plasma energy are applied on your eyelid and this ultimately causes the desired skin tightening effects.

Procedure Time
30 minutes – 40 min
Back To Work
1-3 days
chin liposuction
3-5 days dependant on area & lifestyle
chin liposuction
Duration of Results
Permanent (dependent on diet & lifestyle).
chin liposuction
Topical anaesthetic
chin liposuction
4-6 weeks* Repeat over 3 session
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