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Ear Lobe Repair

Ear Lobe Repair

Earlobe-womanAn ear lobe repair procedure is actually very common as it is used to reform the ear lobe, reduce the size or even fix the torn or stretched holes that were created for earrings. A split or torn earlobe is a frequent aesthetic deformity of the ear that both men and women often opt for to:

  • Regain their self-confidence.
  • To be able to wear earrings again (you will have to wait 2 months post surgery to get them re-pierced).
  • Cosmetic reasons.
  • Earlobe reduction.
  • Treat a split or torn earlobe.
  • Earlobe reconstruction.
  • Conquer a history of earlobe trauma.

An ear lobe repair surgery is ideal for men and women of all ages, but a consultation with an experienced professional will be able to determine if this is truly the best option for you as the degree of the ear lobe tear or concern can determine the kind of repair needed.

Process of Ear Lobe Repair

Earlobe-manWhile the simple and effective procedure of an ear lobe repair can be described as cutting a small notch on the ear lobe to then stitch it back together, there is some information pertaining to this surgery that you may want to be aware of.

  • Only local anesthesia is required.
  • Procedure typically only takes one hour.
  • Minimal scar formation.
  • Minimal discomfort after earlobe repair, which can be treated with regular Paracetamol.
  • Patients can return back to work immediately following the procedure.
  • Stitches are removed or dissolve on their own depending on what is used.

Further more, the procedure will start with the local anesthesia, and in order to rebuild the earlobe, the healed and scarred elements have to be removed, if this applies to the type of ear lobe repair procedure you are receiving. The repair is then performed in a zigzag or straight line and fine threads are used to support the repair and minimise possible scarring.

Potential Risks or Complications With an Ear Lobe Repair

This procedure is extremely simple, but just like all types of surgery; it does have potential complications and side effects, although they too are minimal.  You could experience excessive scar formation, notching, infection or recurrence, which is why it is so crucial to seek a trained professional to complete the ear lobe repair.


What are some of the risks associated with earlobe repair?

As with any surgery, earlobe repair does present some degree of risk. The chance of experiencing complications during this treatment, or as a result of it, are uncommon and the doctor or his staff will go through all of the potential risks with you prior to surgery. Some of the potential risks include infection, excessive scarring, notching or recurrence.

Are the results permanent?

The results of earlobe repair should be permanent once it has settled down. Try not to re-pierce your ears immediately following surgery and do not resume wearing heavy earrings for extended periods of time, or there is the chance that you will require further surgery.

What happens after earlobe repair?

Following surgery, you will be provided with specific aftercare instructions. The recovery process after earlobe repair is minimal. It is common for patients to experience some mild discomfort, which is easily alleviated with over-the-counter pain medication. Sutures are typically removed within a week. If you are planning to get your ears re-pierced, it is recommended that you wait at least two months in order to ensure proper healing.

How does earlobe repair work?

Earlobe repair surgery is a relatively simple procedure performed under local anesthesia. The skin is trimmed around the torn or stretched. Once the excess skin has been removed, then the wound edges are sutured back together.

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