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Cosmetic Surgery

Men Line Up for Cosmetic Surgery in London

Although we generalise that only females are interested in improving their appearances, statistics show that 82 percent of women and 18 percent of men are cosmetic surgery consumers. More and more men are lining up for cosmetic surgery in London and other major cities across the world. In fact, new statistics show that men account for more than 40% of breast reductions. Here at EA Clinic we are located on Harley Street, London and we see a great many men who want to get something done. One of the popular cosmetic procedures for men is a FUE hair transplant. Some men have even gone as far as saying that getting a cosmetic procedure actually gave them more confidence and in turn they performed better at work. Business, ageing, public acceptance and more openess about the subject, all combine to make many men comfortable with the exploration of cosmetic procedures. Many men want the same procedures as women, with liposuction, rhinoplasty, and eyelid lifts being the popular ones.

Men of all ages are getting Cosmetic Procedures

Men of all ages are getting more and more cosmetic procedures done. Some of the most popular ones included:

  • Facial Peels

  • Nose Reshaping

  • Ear Surgery

  • Botox Injections

  • Liposuction

  • Male Breast Reduction and many more.

Few tips for men to keep in mind when going in for cosmetic surgery:

  • Research which cosmetic procedure you want.

  • Have a healthy diet. This is important before and after the surgery. It is important that you are healthy inside and out.

  • Choose a good doctor for the cosmetic procedure. Dr. Edwin Anthony is known for his FUE hair transplants, laser resurfacing and 4d vaser liposuction. Mr Hassan Shaaban is a popular consultant surgeon who offers most forms of plastic surgery.

Many men are seeking a breast reduction and liposuction, as well as nose reshaping (rhinoplasty). Men are proceding to the cosmetic surgery depending upon their comfort level, desire for change and budget. Regardless of the cosmetic surgery you are considering we can help answer all your questions. Fill out one of our forms to get in contact with one of cosmetic surgery specialists.

Have Realistic Expectations of Results and Surgery

Go through the process of evaluating your expectations of the cosmetic surgery and it’s results carefully. Sometimes being realistic is a challenge, but if you’re considering cosmetic surgery, you’ll need to know what is possible and more likely to happen. Be fully informed and accept what your cosmetic surgeon can and cannot do. At EA Clinic on Harley Street in London we have many happy patients who have opted for non surgical cosmetics, vaser liposuction, FUE hair transplants and plastic surgery.

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