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Why EA Clinic

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Chin Liposuction

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Chin liposuctionChin liposuction is a big decision, we at EA Clinic understand that. We want to help you be get the best results possible using our award winning, experienced surgeon and our state of the art Harley St clinic. We have had years of experience using Power X Vaser liposuction and performing procedures on the Chin, Neck-Jaw and surrounding areas.

Power X Vaser® uses leading edge of liposuction technology and due to public demand is rapidly superseding traditional liposuction. It is also a safe alternative to the traditional Liposuction technique and is ideal for removing stubborn fatty areas that struggle to go with exercise and strict diets.

At EA Clinic we’re not only professionals with experience of chin liposuction, but we are experts in body contouring, Hi-Def & 4D Vaser for men and women. We are used to helping patients achieve their goals, aesthetics and improving body shape. We give you realistic expectations, and you get the best care. We will be happy to answer all your questions (yes all of them) and reassure you prior to your procedure. We know it can be nerve wracking and that’s where we excel.

Procedure Time
45 minutes – 3.5 hours
Back To Work
1-3 days
chin liposuction
3-14 days dependant on area & lifestyle
chin liposuction
Duration of Results
Permanent (dependent on diet & lifestyle). 5-10 Aftercare sessions recommended
chin liposuction
local anaesthetic
chin liposuction
4-6 weeks*
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Case Studies

We would like to encourage you to contact us for a free consultation, yep that’s absolutely free no charge to you, talk to an expert, get some advise, make the right decision for you with informed choices. Dr Anthony is a vastly experienced Vaser Liposuction surgeon with 1000’s of procedures and has been featured on ITV’s this morning.

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