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Breast Reduction (Mammoplasty)


Mammoplasty is a procedure to remove excess fat tissues from under the breast in order to reshape often large and heavy breasts and resize them as per the weight of the individual’s body. Many women who have large breasts may suffer from neck, back pain and shoulder pain. In some cases, it may also be a reason for bad posture, resulting to diseases and body tenderness. Further, excessively large breasts can make body movement and therefore, physical activities hard and uncomfortable to perform. A breast reduction surgery or

Mammoplasty helps produce lighter weighing, improved breast shape that complements the rest of the body of the patient. A breast reduction surgery can help ease problems like back ache and other posture depleting problems. For some women, reducing the size of the breasts can also be a way to enhance their confidence and social self-esteem.

The Procedure

Breast reconstruction surgery, apart from an aesthetical use, is often performed in women who undergo mastectomy to treat breast cancer. Mammoplasty surgery is a straightforward operation wherein, the surgeons, with strategically planned steps reduce the amount of breast fatty tissues while enriching the breast tissue to form a normal looking breast just with an altered size.

  • The procedure starts with carefully planned and well measured incisions around the areola, along the mammary fold.
  • The surgeon then removes excess fat, skin and tissues from under the breast.
  • The final step involves replacing the nipple and the surrounding dark skin back to the centre of the breast.
  • In cases of excessively heavy breasts, the surgeon may need to place the nipple and areola on a higher position in form of graft skin.

Who should get a breast reduction?

Following a breast uplift surgery, patients may face some interference with breast feeding. Otherwise, breast reduction is mostly a safe procedure and may be really helpful for a person who faces embarrassment of physical difficulties due to enlarged breasts. Moreover, the incision lines are very discreet and looks like an anchor shaped scar running around the areola, along the mammary fold or the crease line under the breast. Here are some other reasons for why you can go for a breast reduction surgery:

  • If you are unhappy with the general appearance, size or/ and shape of your breasts.
  • If, due to heavy breast size, you have suffered from back, shoulder or neck pains.
  • If your breasts are uneven or asymmetrical.
  • If overly large breasts interfere with your regular activities and hinder your ability to exercise comfortably.
  • If you suffer from skin irritation, rashes or allergies due to heavily sagging breasts.
  • If you feel that your self-esteem or relationships are being affected by concerns regarding to your breast size.

Recovery from Breast Reduction surgery

Mammoplasty is a breast reduction surgery and therefore, needs good care and conscious healing efforts. The dressings are removed approximately 7-10 days prior to the surgery. Following this, doctors will ask you to keep your breasts well supported and preferably wear a stretchy cotton bra that is non-wired. The surgeon will see you for follow-up assessments, first after 6 weeks and then, regular intervals till the wounds heal.


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