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Abdominal 4D Vaser lipo

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Be it due to aging, childbirth or lifestyle, body fat, especially around the abdomen, can be treated effectively with the help of cosmetic surgery known as Abdominal 4D Vaser lipo. Without going under the knife, a person who wishes to get rid of stubborn pocket of flabs can do it with Abdominal 4D Vaser lipo and have a contoured and improved shape of abdomen.

Abdomen liposuction is successful for contouring and getting into shape. It is not effective for toning or flattening stomach. However, if one expects to have flattened or tightened stomach, then surgeons at EA clinic recommend combining abdomen liposuction and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) to remove excess fat and repair muscle wall.


How is Stomach Liposuction Performed?

For abdomen liposuction, surgeons use the most common and safest technique “tumescent liposuction”. In this technique, buffered salt water in large quantity is injected into fatty tissues beneath the skin. A small incision is made to insert cannula which is attached to a vacuum device. This cannula is moved back & forth in swift motion to loosen fat which is then extracted from this star like cannula with the help of vacuum.


Duration & Recovery time:

It takes between 45 minutes to 60 minutes to perform Abdominal 4D Vaser lipo. After the procedure, doctors bandage the treated area and make the patient wear compression garment for a week or two. It takes approximately two weeks to recover and resume to normal routine life, however noticeable results can only be seen six weeks after the procedure.


Effectiveness of Abdominal 4D Vaser lipo:

If we talk about the success rate of Abdominal 4D Vaser lipo, then it is on the positive side. Leveraging the advanced technology, surgeons and doctors at EA Clinic have successfully helped several people tone and flaunt contoured abs. The success and effectiveness of Abdominal 4D Vaser lipo depends upon several factors, which can be:

  • Amount and location of abdominal fat
  • History of weight gain & weight loss
  • History of pregnancy
  • Age and sex of the patient

At EA Clinic, we have the experience of performing successful Abdominal 4D Vaser lipo, a fact substantiated by our clients, which is why we are viewed as a preferred clinic for those who are looking for effective liposuction treatments in a budgeted manner and extensive post-procedure advice to maintain what has been achieved.

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